Transition Cow Tuesday Recordings

David Balbian, Area Dairy Specialist
Central New York Dairy and Field Crops

December 14, 2021

Nov 2 - Transition Cow Nutrition - This session discusses why the transition diet has a tremendous impact on cow health and milk production, and how to ensure adequate nutrition is supplied at each phase of transition.

Presenter: Tom Overton, PhD, Professor of Dairy Management, Chairman of the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University

Nov 9 - Feeding the Transition Cow - The mechanics of providing feed in conjunction with transition cow behavior is a crucial aspect in providing adequate nutrition.  We'll discuss factors in feeding management during this session.

Presenters: Dave Balbian, Betsy Hicks, Margaret Quaassdorff, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists.

Nov 16 - Selective Dry Cow Therapy - Learn how dry cow therapy impacts transition cow management.  We will discuss the basics of selective dry cow therapy.

Presenter: Daryl Nydam, DVM, Faculty Director, Atkinson Center for Sustainability, Dept of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

Nov 23 - Facility Considerations - Housing can make or break a cow's transition period and her next lactation. Both her physical and behavioral needs will be discussed.

Presenter: Lindsay Ferlito, NNY CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.

Nov 30 - Calving Considerations - Parturition is critical step in transition. This session will discuss the basics of cow behavior, calving assistance, and physiology.

Presenters-Rob Lynch, DVM, Cornell PRODAIRY Program, Margaret Quaassdorff, NWNY Regional Dairy Specialist, Kaitlyn Lutz, DVM, NWNY CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.

Dec 7 - Post Calving Monitoring - This session will outline the steps for monitoring cow health post calving.

Presenters: Rob Lynch, DVM, Cornell PRODAIRY Program, Margaret Quaassdorff, NWNY CCE Regional Dairy Specialist, Kaitlyn Lutz, DVM, NWNY CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.

Dec 14 - Evaluating Transition Management - This session will cover Dairy Comp items to track and measure success of the transition program.

Presenter-Judy Moody, Agricultural Resource Management Specialist, Dairy One.









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