Cornell Cow Convos Podcast Series

Nicole Tommell, Area Ag Business Management Specialist/Team Leader
Central New York Dairy and Field Crops

December 1, 2023

This monthly podcast series led by PRO-DAIRY and CCE Dairy Specialists features current, new, and emerging topics of interest to the dairy industry right now.  New episodes are released on the last Thursday of the month.  Our first few episodes include discussions on preventative healthcare for cows, the trend of beef on dairy, what to look forward to in the new year for dairy, and socially grouping or pair-housing calves.  This series also features specially selected interviews with dairy farmers and industry experts and invites suggestions from our listeners for future topics.

Check out the podcast on the PRO-DAIRY website where each episode, additional resources, and speaker contact information will be posted.. You can also listen to this and prior podcasts via SoundCloud on the CCE Dairy Educators channel.  For more information, contact PRO-DAIRY's Kathy Barrett ( or your CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.

Episode 1: Welcome to Cornell Cow Convos!

In this first episode of Cornell Cow Convos, Dairy Specialists Lindsay Ferlito and Betsy Hicks cover what to expect in this new podcast series, introduce other hosts and their areas of specialty, and present topics for the first few episodes.

Episode 2: Preventative Health Care for Dairy Cows

In this second episode of Cornell Cow Convos, Northwest NY Team Dairy Specialists Margaret Quaassdorff and Kaitlyn Lutz interview Jimena Godoy, Animal Welfare Specialist and manager at Aurora Organic Dairy, to discuss preventative health care for cows, the importance of technology and training, and compassion for both employees and cows on conventional and organic dairy farms.

Episode 3: Trends in the Beef x Dairy Industry

In this third episode of Cornell Cow Convos, Northwest NY Team Dairy Specialists Margaret Quaassdorff and South Central NY Dairy and Field Crops Team Dairy Specialist, Betsy Hicks discuss the opportunities and challenges for farmers surrounding the beef x dairy industry in New York as well as the latest nationals trends.









Upcoming Events

Parasite Fecal Analysis Roadshow II

June 10, 2024 : SUNY Morrisville
Morrisville, NY

June 24, 2024 : Washington County Fairgrounds Office
Greenwich, NY

July 1, 2024 : Cobleskill
Cobleskill, NY

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Artificial Insemination Training Course~Stillwater

June 25 - June 26, 2024 : Artificial Insemination Training Course~Stillwater
Stillwater, NY

Two-Day Course.  English / Spanish program. Lunch included.

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Artificial Insemination Training Course~Earlville

July 15 - July 16, 2024 : Artificial Insemination Training Course~Earlville
Earlville, NY

Two-Day Course.  English / Spanish program. Lunch included.

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Cash Rent and Custom Harvest Survey

To date, there is limited information available about rental rates and fees for crop harvesting.  Farms can use this valuable information for their farm business planning to help improve decision making and profitability. 

The data that is collected, and the subsequent reports/findings/resources will be helpful for all of us to answer that call of "What's the average rental rate in my area?" and "How much do people charge to combine oats?"

Take the survey here.

Farmers Can Join MeatSuite For Free! is a free resource provided by Cornell University where NY meat farmers can create a farm profile and list their bulk (wholes, halves, quarters) and bundled (i.e. Grilling Bundle) meat products.

Why should farmers join?

1. It's free and easy!
2. Connect with more local customers. In the past year the farm directory had 8,300 visits from New York consumers. Farm profiles get as many as 25 views per month from potential local customers. We also spotlight MeatSuite farms on social media and bring attention and purchases to farms through highlights and giveaways.

How do I join?

Farmers can visit to create a free farm profile. You must list at least one product for your farm's profile to go live. You'll also have access to Cornell's free Meat Price Calculator, a helpful tool for pricing your meat to make a profit.

While you're on MeatSuite, check out the "Creating Consumer-Friendly Bulk Meats" publication on the log-in page. It has tips on how to create bulk meat products that are easier for first-time buyers to say "yes" to.

If you have any questions as you create your farm profile or products, we're here to help! Please email Matt LeRoux at

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Spotted Lanternfly

Lycorma delicatula, or Spotted Lanternfly (SLF), is an invasive plant hopper from Asia and is an agricultural pest. In the United States, it was first found in Pennsylvania in 2014. Spotted Lanternfly has been found in New York State on Staten Island, all New York City boroughs, Long Island, Port Jervis, Sloatsburg, Orangeburg, Ithaca, Binghamton, Middletown, Newburgh, Highland, and the Buffalo area. SLF threatens the agriculture and forestry industries, and is also a nuisance pest. The nymphs and adults feed on over 70 different plants, but is especially detrimental to grapes, a black walnut, hops, maple trees and apples. New York State Ag and Markets supported CCE efforts to help bring awareness to communities and we developed this Public Service Announcement and would appreciate you sharing it with your member lists. 

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