Net Zero for NY Dairy: What You Need to Know

Event Details


February 2 - February 3, 2022


12pm - 2pm


Virtual via Zoom


Cornell Cals

Kathy Barrett

Join us if you are…
...curious about what getting to "Net Zero" means for dairy farmers and why it's being talked about so much.
...interested in the facts around dairy cattle and greenhouse gases.
…looking to learn about current and future farm practices and technology that can be used to reduce greenhouse gases?
... wondering where you'll find the time to attend a conference or workshop?

This seminar will provide information on what the Net Zero Initiative entails, why it exists and practical methods farmers can implement to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Wednesday | February 2, 2022
U.S. Dairy Net Zero Initiative: Building a Roadmap to 2050 - Karen Scanlon.
Cattle and Climate Change - Frank Mitloehner, PhD
Consumer Trends and Industry Sustainability - Sara Place, PhD

Thursday | February 3, 2022
Management Practices for Managing Methane - Peter Wright
Innovative Crop Strategies for Reducing or Sequestering GHG - Quirine Ketterings, PhD
Nutritional Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gases - Tom Overton, PhD
Using Genetics to Impact Green House Gases - Dr. Christine Baes or Research Associate
Dairy Producer and Industry Panel

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