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Beef Quality Assurance

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August 8 - August 11, 2022


Aug. 8, 9, 10, & 11 at 6pm, Aug. 11 at 9am




$10 per person : $10.00

(addl attendee $10.00 ea.)

$20 per farm : $20.00


Central New York Dairy and Field Crops

Ashley McFarland

1 Virtual Online Classroom Training & choose from 4 Chute-side Trainings.

Registration includes the Online Classroom Training and 1 Chute-side Training.  Attend the online training and choose which chute-side training to attend.


Online Classroom Training:

Monday, August 8 | 6:00 pm (Zoom Virtual Training)


Chute-side Trainings:

Herkimer County: Tuesday, August 9, at 6:00 PM

Porco Farm,770 Snells Bush Rd, Little Falls, NY 13365 

Otsego County: Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00 PM

Dream Weaver Farm 650 Co Rd 27, Richfield Springs, NY 13439     

Saratoga County: Thursday, August 11, at 9:00 AM

Donnan Farm, 2287 Donnan Rd, Galway, NY 12074 

Madison County:  Thursday, August 11, at 6:00 PM

Devine Roots, 4015 Ryan Rd. Morrisville, NY 13408

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Upcoming Events

Beef Quality Assurance

August 8 - August 11, 2022

Online Classroom Training and Chute-side Trainings.  Choose which chute-side training to attend.

Beef Quality Assurance is a nationwide certification program to help ensure a safe, wholesome and quality beef product for consumers.

Topics covered include cattle nutrition, handling and vaccine protocols.


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CCE Livestock Program Work Team

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Final Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program Progress Report 2021

The fourth and final DFBS Progress Report for 2021 summarizes the progress made from 2020 to 2021 for 136 participating farms.

Find the report here.

As farm businesses across New York analyze their financial performance by utilizing the Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program that is supported by Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and PRO-DAIRY, the changes that occurred from 2020 to 2021 can be reviewed. An important purpose of management is to compare how your farm changed from one year to the next, how this compares to your business goals, and how this compares to the industry. Understanding what changes occurred and determining why they changed can help in preparation for making business improvements in 2022.

The report consists of five sections:
- Average of all farms (136 farms)
- Less than 500 cows (34 farms)
- 500 to 999 cows (32 farms)
- 1,000 to 1,499 cows (37 farms)
- 1,500 cows and greater (33 farms)

Highlights from the progress report
- Labor efficiency improved in 2021, with a 2.3 percent increase in cows per worker and a 4.9 percent increase in pounds of milk sold per worker. Hired labor costs per worker equivalent also increased 5.1 percent.
- Gross milk price per cwt increased 7 percent from $18.56 in 2020 to $19.77 in 2021.
- Hay dry matter tons per acre and corn silage tons per acres increased 19 percent and 5 percent respectively. This contributed to the increase of accrual crop receipts of 203 percent from 2020.